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Drain tile

We use the best materials available for your waterproofing needs. We first remove approximately a one foot section of the floor around the basement walls. We then remove dirt until we are about five inches below the top of the footer. A corrugated pipe is layed next to the footer and is connected to a sump pit. The floor is then replaced back to its original view. We use an energy efficient pump that produces an excellent water flow. Utilizing this method will completely remove the risk of water coming in through your floor and foundation.

French drain

First the dirt is removed along the exterior wall next to the footer. Then a pipe is layed, (just like in drain tile), into a culvert pipe where there will be an exterior sump pump or a gravity drain. The trench is then back filled with river rock up to about a foot and then the rest will be dirt. The dirt will be leveled and grass will be replaced to restore the home to its previous appearance.

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